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Want a job you'll love? Know yourself!

September 2, 2019



If you're one of those people who dreads going to work, you might have the wrong job. There's nothing quite as exhilarating as doing work you love.


“Know yourself!” - Socrates


If you have passion for your position, your job gives you satisfaction and you look forward to Monday mornings, you're in the right place.  You're also more likely to succeed.


Promotions and raises come easier to people with passion for their work. The most rewarding careers often align with a person's special traits. To find the right line of work for you, first follow Socrates' sage advice from centuries ago: "Know Yourself."


Do work you love . . . and you’ll love the work you do!


If you want to learn more about yourself and what kind of work would make you happy, use the template below to list a few of your best traits. Then, keep an eye out for job descriptions that include some of your strengths in each of the following areas:


List your strengths, match them to job descriptions


Interests . . . What are your main areas of interest? (Example: fashion, sports, gardening)

1._________________________ 3._________________________ 2._________________________ 4._________________________


Talents . . . What unique gifts or talents do you have? (Examples: musical or artistic talent)

 1._________________________ 3._________________________

 2._________________________ 4._________________________


Skills . . . What special skills have you developed? (Examples: graphic design, guitar, coding, welding, negotiating, etc.)

 1._________________________ 3._________________________

 2._________________________ 4._________________________


Abilities . . . Which abilities seem to “come naturally” to you? (Leadership, athletics, decorating, party planning, gardening).

 1._________________________ 3._________________________

 2._________________________ 4._________________________


Subjects . . . List your best (or favorite) school subjects: (Examples: English, history, math, certain electives, such as cooking or languages)

 1._________________________ 3._________________________

 2._________________________ 4._________________________



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