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Make time to accomplish more

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by Susan K. Maciak, CAMEO Consulting LLC

Are you always pressed for time? Do you wish you had the time to accomplish more? How often do you hear yourself saying things like:

"I don't have time right now."

"When I have time, I'll . . ."

"If I had more time, I'd . . ."

The truth is that we all have exactly the same amount of time -- 24 hours every day. But only successful people use time wisely. Rather than wasting seconds, minutes, hours or whole days, months, or years . . . plan and prioritize your time to make the most of it.

Planning your time wisely starts with writing down every day what you need to do. Keep a small notebook near your bed, kitchen table or desk and jot down a few priorities (in order of importance) each morning.

Leaving tasks to memory is a sure way to fail at getting things done!

At the end of each day, start tomorrow's list with everything you were not able to get done today. After you have the hang of making an easy-to-compile daily checklist, begin setting longer term goals. Ask yourself: "What are my priorities for this week? This month? This year? Next year?

Once you amaze yourself at how much you can accomplish by keeping lists, think even further ahead. Jot down the things you want to accomplish over the years . . . five years, 10 years, 20 years, etc. You'll be surprised how far you'll go over time!

See: for other helpful hints in our Bizz Buzz Business Blog . . . or email Susan K. Maciak at . . . or text her at 616 443 5464.


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