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1. Communicating for Career Success: Understand the impact of interpersonal communication on your career and your social life. Learn how to develop lasting friendships and productive relationships. Build respect and team work among your employees.

2. 10 Cs: Ten Critical Components of Professional Communication. Do you and/or your staff members communicate clearly, concisely and consistently? Find out how to capitalize on communication to build credibility in yourself or in the people who represent your company.

3. Communicating in a Crisis . . . or a Conundrum   . Learn to approach others confidently, make good first impressions, start conversations, build relationships  -- everything you need to know to network successfully to promote yourself or your company.

4. Basic Communication for Business Success. Thrive in today's business world with trend-setting communication techniques. Understand 21st-century styles and preferences. Better convery ideas, craft messages and create customer loyalty.

5. Build Business with Better Communication. Learn 12 significant tips to improve your writing skills immediately. Anyone can master these strategies and become more powerful message senders. Help your staff write better memos, emails and reports.

6. Make Memorable Speeches & Presentations.  No more yawners in your presentations! Learn how to plan and present presentations that will knock the socks off anyone in your audience. Build rapport with an audience, put more zip in your words and give greast speeches.


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