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JOB SHOPPING: Find a Career

that Fits You . . . and Land a Job You'll Love!

This highly acclaimed jobseekers' manual has helped put thousands to work . . . in the toughest of times. Critical in economic downtowns or for climbing the career ladder. 

Follow step-by-step instructions from locating the right kinds of jobs to marketing yourself to managers and getting hired. Great tool for clients at understaffed job placement centers. Order in bulk to keep jobseekers on track.

Learn new job-seeking strategies, build a better resume package, gain sure-shot interview skills, and build your confidence with dozens of practical tips for successful job searches. 

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ON THE REBOUND: He Lost His Girl,

but Gained the Whole World

This book has attracted TV and film producers for its candid, often amusing, look at 21st century students coping with college and all of life's mysteries and missteps.


The story follows a failed relationship as it turns into triumph for a young man who finds his purpose in life in the process.


Based on an actual 19-year-old's experiences, "On The Rebound" proves to people of all ages that it's possible to make great gains from life's biggest setbacks . . . with a few tips from the main character's mentor. Great inspirational read for anyone.

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Add to Your Edge: 12 Ways to Excel

in the 21st Century


Whether you own a small business, or you’re a CEO of a large corporation, seasoned employee or recent graduate, you may need to change your game to get ahead.


This edition is your playbook for survival in times when everything seems to have changed in a blink of an eye. 


Learn new strategies to make the most of new situations, cope with a crisis and hold your own among intense competition.


Find out how to use more brain power, articulate strengths confidently and step up customer service to compete worldwide.

What Are People Skills, Anyway?


Everyone has heard of 'people skills,' but very few people can actually define those elusive, but critical, traits.


This manual covers over 100 different interpersonal skills and

how each helps foster better human relations at work, at school and in the community.

A great guide book for company leaders interested in building  better workplace climates . . .  and a good bet for job candidates who want to ace their next interviews.

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First Job Jitters

Perfect book for pre-teens and teens who enjoy a good mystery, as well as looking ahead to what lies in their futures.


This book includes a peek into the job-seeking process that will serve young readers well when they're ready for their first jobs.


A tongue-in-cheek crime-solving plot and tale of first love, this book contains tons of job-seeking insights for teens, ages 12 - 17.

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The Monster Show - Children's Storybook

This storybook for children ages 3-11 reveals that ready-made toys and playthings are not always the best thing for kids.

Through this story children can see the value

of developing their imaginations when left

to their own devices.

Limited editions of this storybook come 

with a hand-made DREAM monster, a

stuffed toy that encourages kids to ask



“What will I be when I grow up?”

This book also sparks early career

awareness in young children.

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CAMEO Self-Help Books 

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