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CAMEO Training Topics

CAMEO  Cutting-Edge Courses & Training Options

Over 100 training topics to select (below) with three choices of training delivery options: 


Option 1: Do-It-Yourself PowerPoints  Purchase our PowerPoint programs for individual or group self-training

Option 2: Personalized eLessons    Complete and return 30-minute weekly assignments emailed to employee(s)                      

Option 3: Workplace Workshops     Offer training workshops for staff at your site with our professional presenters





  • Communicating for Career Success. Understand the impact of interpersonal communication on your career and on your company. Develop productive partnerships, beneficial business bonds and lasting friendships.


  • 10 Cs: Ten Critical Components of Professional Communication. Does everyone in your organization communicate clearly? Do your people convey the message you want to send? Find out how to create credibility when your staff speaks for your company.


  • Communicating in a Crisis . . . or a Conundrum. When lightning strikes – or other bad things happen, how do you communicate to your public? There’s a formula for getting it right. Learn it and handle your next crisis with grace and assurance.


  • Communication for Networkers. Learn to approach others confidently, make good first impressions, start conversations with anyone, build relationships and promote yourself and your company in the community.


  • Basic Communication for Business. Thrive in today's business world with trend-setting communication tips and techniques. Understand 21st-century styles. Learn how to convey ideas, craft messages and create buzz.


  • What Does Your Non-Verbal Language Say About You? Understand  why "actions speak louder than words." Make your unspoken communications work    for you, rather than against you. Learn to read and interpret other people’s nonverbal clues.


  • Take Advantage of Your Phone Power. Find out how to turn your telephone into a tremendous tool to take your company to the next level. Use phones correctly to keep existing customers and capture new ones.


  • Make Memorable Speeches & Presentations. No more yawners! Learn how to plan and present dynamic presentations. Build rapport with any audience, put more zip in your words, give memorable performances.


  • Crack into Your Creativity.  Build on your best 21st-century asset – and watch your company grow! Help your staff become creative. They’ll be more idea-prone, more productive and more valuable in changing times.


  • Creativity for Kids.  Help children realize and retain their creative power. Turn them onto using imagination and away from boredom, TV and store-bought toys.




  • What Are People Skills, Anyway?  What’s your level of people-ability? You’ll attract and keep more customers if your staff practices at least 50 new interpersonal skills. Easy to learn. Easy to apply.


  • PR is Everybody's Business. You pay a public relations firm thousands of $$$ to develop the perfect plan, but   if your staff doesn't know basic PR . . . or doesn't use it   . . . your company's in trouble. PR is a team sport.


  • PR Planning from Square One. Don’t wing it when it comes to public relations. Learn how to develop annual PR plans for your inside and outside customers.




  • Build Business with Better Writing. Write better memos, email messages and reports. Anyone can master ‘must-have’ skills to send meaningful messages.


  • Creative Writing & Imagination Building.  Apply imagination to problem-solving, thinking and writing assignments. Sessions geared to children, students or adults. People of all ages can stretch their imaginations and express creativity in this course.   


  • Technical Writing & Critical Thinking. The future belongs to critical thinkers who can tackle issues others can't imagine. Learn to predict problems, pose solutions and provide directions in no-nonsense, easy-to-understand terms and straight-forward style.


  • College & Career Writing.   Want to ace your college papers or impress your boss with writing skills? Pick up tips for packing WOW! into your words. Key clever letters, crisp emails, meaningful memos, rich reports. 


  • Write Blogs, Newsletters and Promotional Pieces from Your Desktop. Learn how to use your computer    to develop your own promotional pieces -- from post cards to newsletters, brochures, blogs, ads or fliers.

Complete CAMEO training online, in workshops or in small groups.

Questions? Email us as for prices and details.





  • Create a Customer Service Climate. Winning relationships are at the core of every successful company. Start with a staff trained in good people skills. Learn how to get along with hard-to-please people, manage conflict peacefully, build a cooperative team and do all the little things that make customer service king in your organization.


  • Customer Service Secrets. It doesn’t matter if you sell hamburgers, stocks and bonds or BMWs, you and your staff will do better once you know these six customer service secrets. With a growing number of online shopping options, customer service is more important than ever. It’s now the only edge companies have on cyber competition. Make sure everyone in your business knows customer service basics -- and how to apply them when consumers come through the door.

  • Handle Customer Complaints Correctly. Find out the best way to respond to customer complaints with our easy, step-by-step formula. Train staff to anticipate issues, find solutions -- even prevent awkward situations before they occur. Make everyone a problem-solver, rather than a buck-passer. Customers will love doing business with you.

  • Communicate Customer Service. Use Words Wisely at Work. Thrive in today’s competitive business world with common sense communication tips. Train your people to use public relations principles to build good will and support for your company and turn negatives to positives. Learn what to say – and what not to say – while doing business.


  • Work Your Way to Sales Success. Know the small steps that make a big difference in selling products or services. Learn how to match products to people, cultivate personal sales style and meet customer needs.


  • Market Anything You Want to Sell.  Master major principles of marketing and sell, sell, sell. Whether you're marketing products or services, or marketing yourself at a job interview, you need to know concepts that make selling work. Learn Ps (& Qs) of marketing.


  • Design Your Own Sales & Marketing Materials. Need a flier? How about a brochure? Produce your own marketing materials on your office computer. Course includes page design, copywriting and graphic use.




  • Making Decisions & Solve Problems Like Pros. Don't let making decisions or solving problems stop you! Quit procrastinating, or dawdling. Make critical decisions quickly and correctly. Solve problems professionally. "He who hesitates . . . is lost in today's marketplace.


  • Leverage Your Leadership Potential. Understand the elements of leadership from taking a stand to creating a vision. Find out which leadership skills make great managers and great companies. Acquire what you need to succeed.


  • Make Yourself or Your Managers Better Leaders. Maximize your leadership ability by learning how to set and reach goals. Help yourself or your managers get better organized and execute plans efficiently. Add to your personal power as a manager or make your managers more effective.


  • Manage Stress in Your Life to Live Better and Accomplish More.  If you feel like you're on a fast-paced merry-go-round flying faster and faster around in a circle, it's time to look at what's bothering you and make some significant changes.


  • No More Superstition: Plan your Own Luck! Dispel myths and legends about luck and its role in your career or your life. Develop powerful planning skills that will change your luck, send you in the right direction and strengthen your belief in yourself.


  • Put Time on Your Side. Do less, accomplish more with time management strategies that work. Learn how to set goals to narrow your focus and realize your dreams. Turn turmoil and time shortages to productive moments and goals to gains. 




  • Claim Your Place in Today's Job Market. Find out where 21st century jobs are --  and learn how to make one of them your own. Being a milk man is no longer a viable career option, but many, new, exciting jobs have replaced the role of black smiths, umbrella repairers and other outdated occupations. Which job is for you?


  • Market Yourself to Land a Job You'll Love. Beat the competition in today's job market with a personal marketing plan. Understand how to market yourself when meeting prospective employers. Find out how to sell yourself in an interview and get hired.


  • How to Shop for the Job You Want. Find out how to navigate through today’s job market. Know where to look for 21st-century jobs and what to do to land one.


  • How to Ace a Job Interview.  Answer interview questions by anticipating what you will be asked.  Find out what to say, what not to say, and how to pass a job interview with an A+. Be in it to win it! 


  • Develop Winning Work Habits. Just what does it take to make a company notable . . . or a career successful? Identify, learn and practice good work habits that turn companies and their employees into valuable assets.


  • Build Loyalty & Ownership in Your Staff. Learn how to inspire employees to believe in their company's mission, buy into its goals, appreciate what they produce and take pride and ownership in success. 

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Training OPTION 1: Do-It-Yourself PowerPoint Training Programs

Save training $$$ by purchasing CAMEO’s Do-It-Yourself PowerPoint programs. Ideal for self-paced learning at your computer installed with MS Office PowerPoint - or shown to groups on your projector. $199 each


Training OPTION 2: Personal eLessons Order CAMEO eLessons to learn at your convenience and at your own computer. One of Eight (8) 30-minute eLessons will be emailed to you or your employee(s) weekly. Email completed assignments to us for feedback from a consultant. Aimed at young, entry level or part-time employees with various training needs, e.g. basic sales skills, people skills or customer service training. $225 per person per topic.


Training OPTION 3: Workplace Workshops

One-hour to half-day interactive workshops at your site. CAMEO consultants present our cutting-edge training programs to your employees. Rates vary with length, location and scope of program. For price quotes, email details of your training needs to us at:


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