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Career Coaching

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  • Learn how to land the job that's best for you!

  • Build your future right from your desktop.

  • Use our online career coaching services - from      resume-writing to complete 90-day job-seeking support. 

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Career Coaching Packages


Job-Seeking & Career Coaching:  If you're new to the job market or frustrated with finding another job after losing one . . .  this is the package for you. Best choice for recent grads, or anyone who has been laid-off, downsized or left without a job for any reason. This package includes three months of 24/7 job-seeking advice, job lead assistance and career counseling -- via email or phone. You can also get help from us to produce any of the self-marketing materials (listed below).




Career Advancement Package:

If you're ready to take the next step on the career ladder . . . but need a boost, this is the package for you. For one price, you can get all the self-marketing materials you need (See descriptions below), along with continuous coaching 24/7 for three months. This package includes unlimited email or phone consultations, re-making and re-marketing yourself for the next step on your career ladder. We'll give you dozens of tips for getting a promotion at your current company . . .  getting a pay raise . . . or getting ahead in your career somewhere else.


Self-Marketing Materials & Help


Analyze Your Career Potential: Not sure what kind of job is best suited for you? Our comprehensive Career Analysis can lead you in the right direction. We'll email or mail you a questionnaire, then assess your answers and tell you what they mean. This self-assessment will make you more aware of your own career potential, strengths and marketable skills. We'll provide at least 10  job titles you should pursue


Develop a Powerful Resume from Scratch: 

We'll help you develop your first (and most powerful) resume from information you provide about your career goals, work experience, education, community involvement, special talents, etc.)




Make Your Current Resume More Powerful:

We'll rewrite your current resume to  showcase experience, skills and abilities that will open career doors for you.




Develop a Convincing Cover Letter:

We'll provide a catchy cover letter based on your career goals and most marketable skills. Your new cover letter will impress potential employers from 'Hello' and help you get more interviews for the jobs you want.




Craft a Clever Email Application:

We'll provide you with an eye-catching email introduction to attract immediate attention from human resource managers who work for companies that require you to apply by email and attach your resume.   


Develop a Persuasive Reference Page:

We'll help you select the right reference choices, create an impressive reference page and make sure you use your references for results you want.





Develop a Superior Samples-of-Work' Page:

We'll highlight your most important work experience and achievements and help you stand out from other job applicants with a one-page portfolio sheet that shows off your best stuff!




Present a 'Knock-their-Socks-Off' Portfolio:

We'll help you identify and display actual work you've done, special projects, awards and certificates in a multi-page portfolio that will give you an extra edge at any job interview.




Prepare for Slam-Dunk Job Interviews:

Know and practice how to give good answers in job interview. By email, phone or face-to-face, we'll ask you tough questions, quiz you on difficult situations and try to stump you with workplace scenarios.






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Get where you want to go in the job market!

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