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  • Communicating for Career Success. Understand the impact of interpersonal communication on your career and on your company. Develop productive partnerships, beneficial business bonds and lasting friendships.


  • 10 Cs: Ten Critical Components of Professional Communication. Does everyone in your organization communicate clearly? Do your people convey the message you want to send? Find out how to create credibility when your staff speaks for your company.


  • Communicating in a Crisis . . . or a Conundrum. When lightning strikes – or other bad things happen, how do you communicate to your public? There’s a formula for getting it right. Learn it and handle your next crisis with grace and assurance.


  • Communication for Networkers. Learn to approach others confidently, make good first impressions, start conversations with anyone, build relationships and promote yourself and your company in the community.


  • Basic Communication for Business. Thrive in today's business world with trend-setting communication tips and techniques. Understand 21st-century styles. Learn how to convey ideas, craft messages and create buzz.


  • What Does Your Non-Verbal Language Say About You? Understand  why "actions speak louder than words." Make your unspoken communications work    for you, rather than against you. Learn to read and interpret other people’s nonverbal clues.


  • Take Advantage of Your Phone Power. Find out how to turn your telephone into a tremendous tool to take your company to the next level. Use phones correctly to keep existing customers and capture new ones.


  • Make Memorable Speeches & Presentations. No more yawners! Learn how to plan and present dynamic presentations. Build rapport with any audience, put more zip in your words, give memorable performances.


  • Crack into Your Creativity.  Build on your best 21st-century asset – and watch your company grow! Help your staff become creative. They’ll be more idea-prone, more productive and more valuable in changing times.


  • Creativity for Kids.  Help children realize and retain their creative power. Turn them onto using imagination and away from boredom, TV and store-bought toys.

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