1. Communicating for Career Success: Understand the impact of interpersonal communication on your career and your social life. Learn how to develop lasting friendships and productive relationships. Build respect and team work among your employees.

2. 10 Cs: Ten Critical Components of Professional Communication. Do you and/or your staff members communicate clearly, concisely and consistently? Find out how to capitalize on communication to build credibility in yourself or in the people who represent your company.

3. Communicating in a Crisis . . . or a Conundrum   . Learn to approach others confidently, make good first impressions, start conversations, build relationships  -- everything you need to know to network successfully to promote yourself or your company.

4. Basic Communication for Business Success. Thrive in today's business world with trend-setting communication techniques. Understand 21st-century styles and preferences. Better convery ideas, craft messages and create customer loyalty.

5. Build Business with Better Communication. Learn 12 significant tips to improve your writing skills immediately. Anyone can master these strategies and become more powerful message senders. Help your staff write better memos, emails and reports.

6. Make Memorable Speeches & Presentations  No more yawners in your presentations! Learn how to plan and present presentations that will knock the socks off anyone in your audience. Build rapport with an audience, put more zip in your words and give greast speeches.



7. What Are People Skills, Anyway?  Test your people-ability. Add at least100 people skills to your arsenal of interpersonal relations or your staff's ability to attract and keep customers. Understand the role of people skills in competing in a global world.

8. PR is Everybody's Business.  You can pay a public relations firm thousands of bucks to develop the perfect PR plan for your organization, but if your staff doesn't know basic PR principlies . . . or doesn't practice them . . . your company's in trouble.          

9. Networking Nicely . . . and Effectively.  Without networking know-how, you won't go far in life or in 21st century career or business success. Find out how easy it is to turn yourself . . . or your staff . . . into natural networkers who carry your message wherever you go. 

10. What Does Your Non-Verbal Language Say About You? Understand how "actions speak louder than words." Make your unspoken communications speak for you, rather than against you. Learn to read and interpret important non-verbal clues.

11. Take Full Advantage of Your Phone Power. Find out how to turn your telephone into a tremendous tool to build your career or take your company to the next level. Make sure you (and everyone in your office) answers phones professionally. Know what and what not to say to turn customers away.



13. Cracking into Your Creativity. Dust off your right brain and use it! Maximize your creative side. Build on your best 21st-century asset. Make yourself more idea-prone, more productive and more valuable in today's changing workplace.

14. Capitalize on Staff Innovation - Your Company's Creative Side

Supply your staff with strategies that tap into their creative power. Unleash your employee's creative potential. Help your staff work with a creative edge and watch your company grow.  

15. Creative Writing & Imagination Building. Think outside the box . . . and learn to write through your imagination. 

16. Critcal Thinking & Technical Writing. The future belongs to critical thinkers who can tackle issues others can't imagine -- and then tell the world about their ideas in no-nonsense, easy-to-understand terms.

17. College & Career Writing.   Whether you want to ace your college papers or impress the boss with your writing skills, this is the program for you. Learn the simple secrets of packing wow into your papers. Write clever cover letters, impressive emails, etc. 

18. Produce Blogs, Newsletters and Promotional Pieces on Your Desktop. Learn how to use your computer to develop your own promotional pieces from newsletters to postcards, brochures or fliers. Lessons can be applied to blogs and online promo pieces


CAMEO Training Topics

CAMEO  Cutting-Edge Courses & Training Programs





19. Create a Customer Service Climate. If you want to reign over your competition, make customer service king. Learn six secrets that will keep clients or customers coming back. Give yourself or your company the customer service advantage.

20. Customer Service Secrets Everyone Should Know. Whether you sell hamburgers, stocks and bonds or BMWs, you'll do better once you know these customer service secrets. Tips and commissions grow and managers will glow!.

21. Work Your Way to Sales Success. Know all the little things that make a big difference in your ability to sell products or services. Pick and choose from many sound strategies to make a sale, depending on your personal style and the customer's expectations.

22. Market Anything You Want to Sell.  Master major principles of marketing and sell, sell, sell. Whether you're marketing products or services, or marketing yourself at a job interview, you need to know the concepts that make selling work.

23. Design Your Own Sales & Marketing Materials. Need a flier? How about a brochure? Learn how to produce any marketing materials you need on your office computers. Course includes elements of design, advertising copy, and meaningful messsage writing.



24. Making Decisions & Solve Problems Like Pros Don't let making decisions or solving problems stop you! Quit procrastinating, or dawdling. Make critical decisions quickly and correctly. Solve problems professionally. "He who hesitates . . . is lost in today's marketplace.

25. Leverage Your Leadership Potential. Understand the elements of leadership from taking a stand to creating a vision. Find out which leadership skills make great managers and great companies. Acquire what you need to succeed.

26. Make Yourself or Your Managers Better Leaders. Maximize your leadership ability by learning how to set and reach goals. Help yourself or your managers get better organized and execute plans efficiently. Add to your personal power as a manager or make your managers more effective.

27. Manage Stress in Your Life to Live Better and Accomplish More.  If you feel like you're on a fast-paced merry-go-round flying faster and faster around in a circle, it's time to look at what's bothering you and make some significant changes.

28. No More Superstition: Plan your Own Luck! Dispel myths and legends about luck and its role in your career or your life. Develop powerful planning skills that will change your luck, send you in the right direction and strengthen you belief in yourself.

29. Put Time on Your Side. Do less, accomplish more with time management strategies that work. Learn how to set goals to narrow your focus and realize your dreams. Turn turmoil and time shortages to productive moments and goals to gains. 



30. Claim Your Place in Today's Job Market. Find out where the jobs are in the 21st century and learn how to make one of them your own. Becoming a milk man is no longer an option, but many, new exciting careers have taken the place of black smiths, umbrella repair people and other out-moded trades.

31. Market Yourself to Land a Job You'll Love. To beat the competition in today's job market, you need a viable marketing plan to rely on when meeting prospective employers. Understand how to market yourself. See what it takes to sell yourself.

32. How to Shop for the Job You Want. Find out where the jobs are. Know where to look for 21st-century employment opportunities. Apply smart job shopping techniques to any job-search.

33. Know How to Ace any Job Interview. Learn interviewing strategies that will take you to the top of the crop. Find out what to say, what not to say, and how to pass an employment interview with an A.

34. Good Work Habits for You or Your Staff. Just what does it take to make a notable company . . . or a successful career? Identify, learn and practice good work habits that turn companies and their employees valuable assets.

35. Build Loyalty & Ownership in Your Staff. Learn how to inspire employees to buy into their company's mission, appreciate what they produce and take pride and ownership in success. 



Short Topics. Request one of these short programs:


  • Turn Negatives to Positives

  • Assess Your Leadership Team

  • Inspire Others to Reach Your Dream

  • Make A Great First Impression

  • Dress for Career Advancement

  • Learn How to Make Big ‘Small Talk’

  • Build on Brilliant Body Language

  • Practice Proper Etiquette in Work Situations

  • Diffuse Anger, Manage Conflict

  • Get Along with Difficult People

  • Express Yourself Effectively in Group Settings

  • Understand the Power of “Prior Knowledge” 

  • Know How to Write a Good Business Letter

  • Make Sure Memos Say What You Mean

  • Learn What and How to Document

  • Achieve More via Goal Setting

  • Promote Your Company / Advance Your Career


OR . . . Let us develop a custom-made PowerPoint program to suit your staff training needs.

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