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  • Create a Customer Service Climate. Reign over competition. Make customer service king. Learn proven customer service strategies that keep staff on their toes' and customers coming back.


  • Customer Service Secrets. It doesn’t matter if you sell hamburgers, stocks and bonds or BMWs, your staff will sell more once they know these six customer service secrets. If you’re in the service business, customer encounters count even more. Make your service #1.


  • Work Your Way to Sales Success. Know the small steps that make a big difference in selling products and services. Learn how to match cultivate personal sales styles and handle demanding customers.


  • Market Anything You Want to Sell.  Master major principles of marketing and sell, sell, sell. Whether you're marketing products or services, or marketing yourself at a job interview, you need to know concepts that make selling work. Learn Ps (& Qs) of marketing.


  • Design Your Own Sales & Marketing Materials. Need a flier? How about an ad or social media blurb? Produce your own marketing materials on your office computer. Course includes page design.

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