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  • Build Business with Better Writing. Write better memos, email messages and reports. Anyone can master ‘must-have’ skills to send meaningful messages.


  • Creative Writing & Imagination Building.  Apply imagination to problem-solving, thinking and writing assignments. Sessions geared to children, students or adults. People of all ages can stretch their imaginations and express creativity in this course.   


  • Technical Writing & Critical Thinking. The future belongs to critical thinkers who can tackle issues others can't imagine. Learn to predict problems, pose solutions and provide directions in no-nonsense, easy-to-understand terms and straight-forward style.


  • College & Career Writing.   Want to ace your college papers or impress your boss with writing skills? Pick up tips for packing WOW! into your words. Key clever letters, crisp emails, meaningful memos, rich reports. 


  • Write Blogs, Newsletters and Promotional Pieces from Your Desktop. Learn how to use your computer    to develop your own promotional pieces -- from post cards to newsletters, brochures, blogs, ads or fliers.


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