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What Are People Skills, Anyway?  Test your people-ability. Add at least100 people skills to your arsenal of interpersonal relations or your staff's ability to attract and keep customers. Understand the role of people skills in competing in a global world.

PR is Everybody's Business.  You can pay a public relations firm thousands of bucks to develop the perfect PR plan for your organization, but if your staff doesn't know basic PR principlies . . . or doesn't practice them . . . your company's in trouble.          

Networking Nicely . . . and Effectively.  Without networking know-how, you won't go far in life or in 21st century career or business success. Find out how easy it is to turn yourself . . . or your staff . . . into natural networkers who carry your message wherever you go. 

What Does Your Non-Verbal Language Say About You? Understand how "actions speak louder than words." Make your unspoken communications speak for you, rather than against you. Learn to read and interpret important non-verbal clues.

Take Full Advantage of Your Phone Power. Find out how to turn your telephone into a tremendous tool to build your career or take your company to the next level. Make sure you (and everyone in your office) answers phones professionally. Know what and what not to say to turn customers away.


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