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Watch out for job scams

Have you . . . or anyone you know . . . been offered a job that sounds too good to be true? Make thousands of dollars while working at home? Get a good government job? Learn our secrets to landing six-figure income work? Invest a little to make a lot of money?

Real employers NEVER ask anyone for money in exchange for a job. It just doesn't happen that way! If there's an upfront charge to get your foot in the door, it's always the sign of a scam. You might hire someone to help you write a resume or practice interview skills, but that's different. You're paying for professional services. You NEVER, EVER have to pay a company to give you a job.

No one can promise to get a job for you. You are the only one who can get yourself hired. You can do your homework to find out which skills you need for a job and pay someone to help you acquire them. Once you're equipped with skills and marketing strategies, though, you're still the only one who can apply, interview and get hired. To avoid job scams, follow this advice:

Be wary of anyone who says they can promise you a job.

Avoid anyone who claims that you have to act fast to get a certain job.

Never pay anyone who asks you to pay cash or write a check to get work.

If you have already sent in money for a job that was promised you, report your story to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Call 1-877-382-4357 or report online at

Questions? Susan K. Maciak | CAMEO Communications | CAMEO Career & Corporate Consulting LLC: 616-443-5464

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