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Less can be more when communicating in the 21st century

Do you remember writing term papers when your main goal was filling as many pages as possible? Those hair-raising high school and college assignments gave us the impression that more is better. Make it lengthy was the mantra. "The more, the better" . . .not always so, especially in the Age of Communication.

Today, we’re blitzed with messages from all directions . . . social media sites, TV, car radios, storefronts, billboards, signs of all kinds, memos, mailers, computer inboxes.

The average human is exposed to hundreds of bits of information daily. It can be hard to claw through all that clutter, difficult to absorb information we really need to know. Too often, a lot of people just tune it all out.

That’s why less can be more. Keep it short. Keep it simple. Fewer words . . . if carefully thought out . . . can make a bigger impact than giving a one-hour speech or writing a 20-page term paper. Plan messages ahead of time. Fewer words, but just the right words, can make communication more concise, powerful and provocative!

PR-Communication tips provided by Susan K. Maciak, Member-Consultant

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