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Do you have a dream? What is your mission or purpose?

Has your company defined its mission and made it known to the public? Do you have a personal mission? Do your family members, friends and neighbors know why you do what you do? Just as company leaders need to let potential customers know why they are in business (their company’s mission), people should understand their purpose on earth. If not, they are missing the chance to make the most of themselves.

Every accomplishment starts with someone’s mission – or their main reason for doing something. Every new idea, invention, or discovery since the beginning of time sprang from someone’s mission, or purpose. Achievement is never an accident. Success is intentional.

Henry Ford dreamed of putting America on wheels. Joan of Arc aimed to save her country from invaders. Steve Jobs deliberately pushed channels of communication to go much further than dial-up phones on a desk. When he launched his company (Apple) his mission was to take traditional telephones much further . . . and he did!

Whether you run a company or simply want to make your mark in society, you should know your mission. For help in deciding your purpose – or your company’s main goal – contact Susan K. Maciak at

– or visit her website: Questions? email


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