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What Does Blogging Do for Business?

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What is a blog?

A blog is an information piece that resembles a magazine article, but it's put online instead of on glossy paper. Businesses and other agencies often publish their blogs on their own websites.

Blogs provide readers (followers) with helpful facts and figures related to products and services the company offers. Blog articles are posted at regular intervals and feature valuable insights and useful tips.

What are some typical blog topics?

What topics should your company cover in its blog? Anything and everything connected to your business. For example, a dentist office blog might feature oral health information, along with other tooth and mouth care tips. An auto repair shop's blog could offer advice for keeping cars and other vehicles in good condition. An investment firm could post articles about saving money, getting out of debt and investing money for the future.

How does a business blog help bring in business?

The best blogs bring current and potential customers to your site regularly for free information. Anyone in the world who wants to know more about topics related to your business can find and follow your blog (and your website) using key words, like "car care blogs" or "articles about dental hygiene" or "investment tips." By sharing critical information about your products and services, your business becomes an Authority in its field.

Good blog topics help readers better understand your business -- and see more clearly how your product and services can be of benefit to them. Blog postings that are well-written, interesting and informative not only appeal to people who want to know more about your field, but they also help build trust in your business. Well-written articles attract followers and position your company as an expert in your field.

Effective business blogs show readers that “You know your stuff” and care about your customers. Most other forms of advertising cost at least $800 - $1,000 a crack. You can hire a blog writer for a lot less, or write your own weekly blog and post it, paying only for the time it takes.

Where can my company find blog-writing services?

CAMEO Career & Corporate Consulting LLC offers bimonthly blog writing (2 articles per month). Clients can choose their own blog topics or let CAMEO come up with ideas for articles. For details and price quotes on CAMEO's professional blog writing services, email . . . Call 616-443-5464 . . . or visit


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