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Customer Service Keeps the Store Door Open

Bizz Buzz: Basics for Business.

Just one employee without customer service skills can kill a business over night.

Take the case of the clerk who doesn't look up from her phone while a consumer waits to make a purchase. That's not only rude, but it's also bad for business. Yet, it's all too common in today's digital world.

What's the solution for keeping counter people alert and ready to work? It's training, of course. Before each new employee's first day on the job, talk to them about the value of everyone who comes into the store. You don't need to send your staff to a pricey workshop or full-day seminar on the subject.

Voicing your expectations in interviews for the job is often enough:

"We're looking for people who will put our customers first."

Be blunt. Ask job candidates point blank:

"Do you know how valuable customers are to a business?"

Then, leave a few rules for engaging with guests at each counter station. Your list should contain a few reminders like these: 1). When customers approach you, put down your phone or your book immediately. 2). Smile and make eye contact with everyone 3). Ask: "What can I do for you today?" 4). Say: "Thank you for your business" after you've handled each transaction.

For help with customer service training, contact CAMEO Career & Corporate Consulting LLC.

Email us at or visit our website at

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