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In distress? Put problems in perspective

Were you recently laid off . . . or fired? Did your business lose its best customer, or did your best friend move away? Was your car totaled in a freak accident or your yard dug up by moles? Maybe, you have a friend going through a devastating disappointment, or you know a teenager in distress who seems lost, lonely and uninvolved in life?

If someone you know is suffering a setback, recommend a good read: ON THE REBOUND: He Lost His Girl but Gained the Whole World. Co-authored by Susan K. Maciak and William Ellermets, this sometimes sad, sometimes funny, story follows a young man through a debilitating defeat and his recovery from despair.

Inspired by Ellermets’ gut-wrenching break up with his college girlfriend, this story is a testament to the power of positive thinking and the pursuit of meaning in life. Through his ordeal, the main character finds his life purpose and bounces back much wiser . . . and happier . . . than he had been. ON THE REBOUND is especially poignant for young adults making their way in the world today, but this story of recovery and resurgence appeals to people of all ages.

On The Rebound takes readers on a painful journey of regaining hope, while providing a close-up view of contemporary college life with all its chaos and confusion, along with generous doses of humor.

While trying to win back the woman he thought would become his wife, the main character bungles through disappointing blind dates, less-than-exciting classroom assignments, controversial people and ideas, heated philosophical discussions and other annoying aspects of higher education.

“This story encourages young people to hold onto hope, no matter how hopeless things may seem,” explains Maciak. “It puts losses in perspective and proves to readers that they, too, can rebound from life’s difficulties.”

“Our topic is timely,” adds Ellermets. “Schools and colleges report record numbers of students who are depressed, even suicidal.” Our book, like the classic “Catcher in the Rye, can be really funny,” adds Ellermets, “but it’s also a great tool to help people handle life’s disappointments in positive ways. '”

For author’s discount prices and/or special bulk order rates for schools, youth groups and community organizations, go to Books and eBooks are also available at and other online booksellers worldwide. Questions?


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