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Apply the KISS Theory

Apply the KISS theory: Most sales pitches can fit on a postcard.

By now, most of us can write a comment in 140 characters or less, so why do many companies send out volumes to potential customers? Some direct mail envelopes contain multiple pages with tons of words to read.

How much does direct mail advertising really need to divulge? Less than you think with KISS.

A KISS sign, or the message behind the acronym . . . 'Keep it Super Simple' . . . should be post-noted on every copywriter's computer. Less is more in the Age of Communication.

Thousands of messages bombard us daily now . . . from our car radios, road signs, billboards, TV, mailboxes, email accounts, social media sites, etc. How much can anyone possibly devour in a day?

Online sales giant Amazon knows how to minimize the information a potential consumer needs to convince him or her to make a purchase. Check out the sparsity and simplicity of an Amazon order description page. You'll see why fingers across the world keep clicking 'Add to Cart' 24 hours a day.

Customers want details in a nutshell.

Apply the KISS theory to your next direct mail piece and measure the response! Using the KISS theory can mean more sales - not fewer. More words don't make a message clearer . . . just more complicated and convoluted with too much copy to keep reading.

Let's Talk Business blog by Susan K. Maciak, CAMEO Career & Corporate Consulting LLC. For permission to reprint, email us at To order our services email us at or visit our website:

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