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Blogs Build Business

What is a blog? A blog is a well-written, informational article that entices people to read regularly for helpful tips and useful insights. Blogs help businesses and other organizations to position themselves as experts in their fields.

Where do I post my blog? Post your blogs on your web site . . . and on all your company’s social media sites to attract new customers and retain current ones.

How does my company benefit from a blog? Blogs build business! Regularly posted, professionally written blogs will attract customers and present your company as a leader in its field. People who follow your blog for its valuable information and insights are likely to do business with you and often recommend your organization to others.

How else can I use a blog?

Besides posting your blog articles online, you can print out copies to use as stand-alone promotional pieces, such as:

  • News Releases

  • Newsletters

  • Sales Packet Inserts

  • Office Counter Fliers

  • Handouts at Meetings

  • Direct Mail Pieces

  • And More!

Where can I order professionally written blogs at affordable rates?

For professional blogging services, email CAMEO CONSULTING at or Call 616 443 5464

How much will it cost for CAMEO’S blog writing service?

Each blog includes an eye-catching banner with your logo, a compelling and convincing article related to your company, mention of your products and/or services and your contact information . . . all tied together with a colorful image to draw in potential customers.

  • 1 Monthly Blog: $145

  • 2 Monthly Blogs: $258 per month

  • 3 Monthly Blogs: $375 per month

  • 4 Monthly Blogs: $438 per month

Contact CAMEO CONSULTING LLC today to order your blog service.


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