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Looking for Work?

Unemployed? If you're one of many folks whose job has disappeared during Covid-19, you may need a little help to get back into the job market.

Generally speaking, it takes about six months to land a good position -- and a lot of job-seeking savvy.

Start looking now! With the help you need, you could land your best job ever. To put you back on track, take advantage of an award-winning, self-help manual called Job Shopping, a workbook that will help you navigate through the most difficult job-seeking situation in a century.

Job Shopping could be the first step in landing a job you'll love.

This, colorful, interactive workbook provides examples, guidelines, tips and self-marketing materials, along with job-seeking strategies you'll need to set you apart from other job candidates.

Job Shopping covers all the little secrets that open doors in the job market.

Order now at discounted rates at or at regular prices on

CAMEO Career & Corporate Consulting LLC provides a variety of self-help books for career advancement, along with career coaching and consulting. Questions? Email us:


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