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Stay in Touch. Stay in Business

If you want to stay in business, you need to reach out on a regular basis to both current customers and potential, new ones. Putting communication ideas into an annual plan is one way to make sure you stay in touch.

Develop an annual Communications Calendar:

  1. Put a plan in writing for monthly communications to potential new customers.

  2. Add ideas for quarterly contact with current customers, e.g. letters, postcards, texts

  3. Develop promotional messages, along with useful tips, for each target group

  4. Use various kinds of communication. (Direct mail, social media posts, phone texts, radio, TV or internet ads).

  5. Make sure that each communication project you put on your calendar is ready to go the first day of each month and/or the beginning of each quarter.

If you don't have a Communications Calendar, your days will slip by and no one will hear from you. Once you put a plan in place, communicating with the right people gets easier . . . and you're sure to stay in touch with everyone you need to stay in business.

For help in writing messages or developing a complete communications calendar, email or call 616.443.5464. CAMEO offers reasonable rates for one-time projects or ongoing PR-Communications services. Visit our website at


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