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Today's leaders need new strategies

Abracadabra . . . Presto Chango! Here today. Gone tomorrow. Just as communication, transportation, education and entertainment are changing dramatically before our eyes, leadership must take on new dimensions, too.

From dealing with pandemics to handling huge numbers of job losses or coping with other unexpected crises, challenges for leaders have risen to new levels.The old Rule Book needs to be revised.

It's not business as usual, anymore for company presidents or politicians, or anyone else responsible for the well-being of others. Dangerous world conditions, despite advances in science and technology, affect the roles of managers to CEOs, along with the people who follow their lead.

To help us all survive the turmoil, 21st century leaders must be able to meet unexpected challenges. Today's leaders have to:

  • Seek information and advice from experts in their fields; knowledge has exploded to such a degree that no one person can possibly know it all.

  • Take responsibility for everything that comes their way even when they're not responsible for huge disasters, small disturbances or any other disruptions to the status quo.

  • Anticipate unexpected issues, while making flexible plans to meet current and new demands.

  • Change direction easily, replacing Plan A with B or C whenever an issue occurs in the world.

  • Maintain enthusiasm, but recognize situations requiring more than a positive attitude.

  • Approach every new situation with a well-thought-out strategy.

  • Take action!

For more insights on changing times, order a copy of "Add to Your Edge: 12 Ways to Excel in the 21st Century" at or For special group rates, email us at . . . Let us know how many copies you need, and we'll give a cost-saving quote for your group.


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